Binmas Ops.Satgas Damai Cartenz -2022 Recommendations, and Avoiding Prohibitions and Safe and Peaceful Peak Police.

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Investigasi Bhayangkara Indonesia,

Papua – Security, peace and avoiding all prohibitions Faith and Taqwa PEKA Program Location Ilaga City, Kago Village, Ilaga District, Puncak Regency, Friday 15/4/2022 at 09.00 WIT.

Carrying out PEKA activities in order to provide a sense of security to the community and carrying out Easter Worship in the presence of Police Chief I Nyoman Punia, S, Sos, accompanied by 10 Press from the Preventive Task Force and 3 Press from the Public Relations Task Force, as well as several personnel of the Binmas Task Force led by Iptu Yonias Purwanto, along with 4 members, as for the medical team personnel of the Binmas Task Force Ipda Dr Muhammad Abdul Rachman and 3 members to Ilaga Puncak Regency.

Arriving at the Kago village, Ilaga District greeted every member of the community who was met by the arrival of the Puncak Police Chief Kompol I Nyoman Punia accompanied by the Binmas Task Force Iptu Yonias Purwanto and his members, giving friendly greetings.

That the activities carried out by the Puncak Police and the Binmas Ops Damai Cartenz Task Force aim to provide a sense of security to the Ilaga community in carrying out Easter / Good Friday Worship activities. said the Chief of the Peak Police.

(Siti Munawaroh).