The Binmas Task Force to Improve the Quality of Inspection Services of the Yahukimo Police

Papua311 Dilihat

Health check services and Posyandu located in Moruku Village, Dekai District, Yahukimo Regency, Saturday 16/4/2022.

Services were provided to the community by the medical team of the Binmas Task Force led by Ipda dr Muhammad Pino Hakim and 3 members of the Task Force Team Personnel, attended by AKP Arbi Guna Bimantara, S.I.K, and 4 personnel of the Preventive Task Force Ops Damai Cartenz-2022.

The medical team from the Binmas Task Force along with the entourage moved to the Dekai Health Center, upon arrival Dr. Jois Lisbet participated in handling the examination in Moruku village.

Arrivals around the village settlements began to arrive to carry out health checks and Posyandu services to children under five.
Health checks are carried out in rotation for those who feel that their health is disturbed.

Activities of the Binmas Ops Damai Task Force Medical Team Cartenz 2022 Yahukimo Police,

In order to support the SAGU KELADI program with the hope of improving public health in Yahukimo district, especially the community in Moruku village, and this activity is in collaboration with the medical team of the Binmas Ops Damai Cartenz 2022 Task Force with the Dekai Health Center in Yahukimo Regency,” said Ipda Dr Muhammad Pino.

The total details of 83 services include: 70 health check services for adolescents and parents, 13 Posyandu services for infants and children handling health checks. (miss Ritha).